Perfect Moment Monday: Little Myna Birds Everywhere

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Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between.

On the last Monday of each month we engage in mindfulness about something that is right with our world. Everyone is welcome to join.


This month, something extraordinary happened in my life.

But it wasn’t just one perfect moment, it was a whole bunch of little perfect moments spread over the last few weeks.

Some of you who follow me on Instagram may already know, two baby myna birds literally dropped into our lives from up above.

There was a hole in the ceiling in my parents’ bathroom… the first one dropped in on the 3rd of February, and the second on the 8th.

When the first one dropped, we didn’t really know what to do, my parents left it to my husband and I to care for it but we’d never handled birds before. We didn’t know anything about what we should do.

In fact, we didn’t even know it was a baby bird. We thought it might’ve been an injured adult bird because it looked so bad and so hurt.

It just laid there, looking so small. And we didn’t know what to do.

cal 01

We took to Facebook and Instagram, posting pictures of it and asking for help in identifying the type of bird it was and how to care for it.

Thanks to the magic of the internet and its community, we got our answers!

Various people told us that it was a baby myna bird, that it was an insectivore but also ate fruits, that we’d have to feed it with a straw because it was still a baby, and generally gave us a lot of help and moral support in caring for it.

When we realized it was a baby, we thought about putting it back into its nest, but were advised against it because apparently myna birds have been known to reject their babies and were not necessarily receptive to getting them back. So it became our responsibility.

It was all extremely valuable information, because it was almost 24 hours before we knew any of that, and the baby bird had not eaten in that time.

I had mashed up some papaya and left it in the box so the bird could eat it when it was hungry, but he didn’t touch any of it.

He was also very scared of us, of course, and cowered every time we made sudden moves.

cal 02

We spent a lot of time with him that first 24 hours though, and eventually he got used to us.

Perfect moment #1 : When DH tweeted at him, and he tweeted back at us. It was just so cute and adorable. Especially the way he had hidden underneath his makeshift blankie with only his beak sticking out.


He was still not eating though, and we were getting really, really worried. Until friends on the internet told us to feed him with a straw.

Perfect moment #2: Success! He started eating!

cal 03

Things started looking up after that!

He got stronger and got used to us. We named him Cal after Calgary, Alberta. We figured if he turned out to be a girl, we could call him Callie.

He would eat and sleep and then eat and sleep again. It was pretty much the only things he did.

Eat and then sleep.

Five days after Cal dropped in, AB dropped in. From that same hole in my parents’ bathroom ceiling that they didn’t bother to seal after Cal.

Well, after AB, DH and my father sealed the hole with some cardboard. It didn’t have to look nice, it just had to stop more baby birds from dropping in!

AB was more developed than Cal was, she’d had five more days to grow and the fall didn’t hurt her as badly as it did Cal.

Here’s how it happened… DH and I had been out that Saturday because we had work and things to get done, so I asked my mum to take care of Cal and feed him for us while we were gone.

She kept the box with Cal in their bathroom, the same one with the hole in the ceiling, and when DH and I got home, I went to the bathroom first to check on Cal.

The box was on top of the sink across from the door, but when I went in, I saw him crouched on the floor behind the door. My heart jumped because I thought he might’ve tried to jump out of the box and had maybe hurt himself falling again.

For some reason, I looked into the box though, and I saw… Cal.

The bird I thought was Cal behind the door, was actually another bird that had fallen from the ceiling!

Perfect moment #3:  I suddenly felt sort of giddy with shock and incredulity! This perfect moment isn’t a peaceful, serene, everything-is-alright kind of perfect moment, but it was a perfect moment because it woke me up completely from a long tired day, it blew my mind and scrambled it and turned it all around.

It was a perfect moment, because I can still recall now that moment when I realized there were two birds and not one.

I yelled for DH, and told him another bird had fallen. He was as incredulous  as I was. My parents came in to see what the commotion was about, and so did my twin nieces who were visiting, and it was all just really noisy and overwhelming.

When the surprise finally wore off and things settled down, DH and my father proceeded to seal the hole while I fed Cal and AB. We named her AB after Alberta, Canada. I guess if she turns out to be a boy, we’ll call her Albert. =)

AB wasn’t as afraid of us as Cal was, thankfully. She’s actually pretty daring and adventurous compared to Cal, even now.

Anyway… now we had two of them.

And they ate and grew and got more active.

cal and ab 01

Up to that point we weren’t really touching them a lot.

We fed them and stroke them, but we didn’t try to hold them too much… we were also just getting used to them. Then…

Perfect moment #4: They started climbing on to our hands when we held them out. It was really perfect and adorable!

cal and ab 02cal and ab 03

Things developed pretty quickly after that. They started walking and hopping and exploring everywhere and every thing.

They’d climb on us too, but they couldn’t really fly, not really, just sort of flap and claw their way up our bodies.

Perfect moment #5: The first time they flew! Just a short distance, from our arms to our shoulders to our heads. But it was a milestone for all of us!

Then they were flying all the time, little bursts of flight, and their favorite places were always on our heads!

cal and ab 05 cal and ab 06

They started taking bigger chances, flying further distances… two feet from DH to me, three feet, four… etc.

Mostly, they loved standing on our heads. I told DH it’s probably because our heads are the tallest things they can stand on and have that birds’ eye view of the room.

So we did this.

cal and ab 08

We hung a hanger onto the ceiling light fixture, and they were happy as can be up there lording it over the rest of us ground creatures. =)

Perfect moment #6: When AB flew a whole circle around the room! I literally gasped when she did that, I was so proud!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture or a video because it happened so suddenly and spontaneously and she hasn’t done it since.

Still, it was a pretty great moment. =)

Anyway, a few days later, I decided to let them have a bird bath since they were pretty much flying around us and everywhere a lot of the time. I figured they were big enough by now, and probably really dirty.

It’s been hot here too, so maybe they’d like a refreshing dip.

I brought them into the bathroom, and filled the basin with about an inch or two of water. They were hopping up on me and showing signs of wanting food, so I left them there to go and get their food.

Perfect moment #7: When I got back, they were in the basin, flapping water all over the place! The whole bathroom was wet, and they were spraying water all over me, but they looked like they were having so much fun I couldn’t help but laugh!

It was amazing, and I wish I could’ve taken a video of it, but with them flapping water everywhere… I just didn’t. I fled the bathroom before I got completely soaked and only came back to feed them after they were done!

Maybe I will take a video next time though.

They are still babies, and they still need to be fed with a straw. We tried leaving food out for them to feed themselves, but they still haven’t started feeding themselves yet.

DH and I want to let them go as soon as they’re able to fend for themselves. Perhaps they’ll come back, but we know they’re free creatures and we have to let them be free.

In the meantime, I’ll savor these perfect moments with them. =)

Do you have a Perfect Moment you want to share with us? Please share them in the comments here or join us at for Perfect Moment Monday. =)

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  • Lori Lavender Luz

    What a fabulous series of perfect moments! I laughed about them tweeting back at you because I’d kind of forgotten that “tweet” had a meaning that doesn’t include the ability to type words!

    Congrats on your two Canadian Myna birds. Thanks for sharing their escapades with us.

    (Note: Perfect Moment Monday is moving next month to

    • Hazel Lee

      LOL, Lori! Yeah, when I wrote tweet, I was thinking of twitter too, and it stopped me for a second, but that’s the exact word to describe the sounds they were making! =)

      They’re not Canadian, by the way, they’re Malaysian, but we just named them after Canada. =) Thanks for the heads up about the move!

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