A piece of my heart flew away with Cal and AB

Posted March 12, 2014 by Hazellie in Blog / 1 Comment

We let Cal and AB go on Monday.

We haven’t seen them since, although we keep the window open for them, and we go outside frequently to try to get a glimpse of them.

So far no luck.

I spent the last three days feeling sorry for myself. I even ugly cried.

I know they were never really mine and I was just taking care of them til they could take care of themselves, but I couldn’t help getting attached.

My husband and I both miss them, and we wonder if they miss us too.

Probably not and we’re just projecting our feelings onto them, but still… I can’t help hoping that we’ll see them again, and that they’ll remember us enough to stand on our heads again.

Here are our last pictures of them:

cal ab 01 cal ab 02


I love you, Cal and AB. I’m glad we got to have you in our lives, even if it was just for a little while.

I’m feeling like a piece of my heart is missing ever since you flew away, but I know that you’ll both have good birdie lives. Au revoir.

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