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You’ve probably noticed I’ve moved my site from to

Yes, yes, I know, what’s with all the changes? It’s so terribly inconvenient, but it had to be done, and here I am, trying to explain my reasons why.

First of all, Hazellie has been a nickname since I was 13, and it comes from combining my first and middle names – Elizabeth Hazel = Ellie Hazel = Hazel Ellie = Hazellie. It was a nickname and I never used it, everyone called me Betty.

When I chose the name for my site, Hazel Lee Vaughn, I was thinking of a pen name I could use for writing, and I thought how nice Hazel Lee Vaughn rolled off the tongue, and of course, it came from my nickname Hazellie, and my surname Wong. I thought it could be a great alias (and I still think it would’ve been!) for me.

However, last year I decided to change my name because I didn’t want to use Betty anymore, for numerology reasons. I tried variations of spelling: Betti, Bettie, Beth, Betsy… and then I tried Lizbeth, Elizabeth, Eliza, etc. None of them worked for me, so I tried my middle name Hazel, it didn’t work either, and then I tried Hazellie, and it did. Read the whole long story here if you want.

I like the name Hazellie Wong, always have, but change is difficult and getting your friends to call you a different name after years of calling you one name is even harder. I don’t really mind if they still call me Betty, I understand it gets confusing.

But now I had a problem; Hazellie Wong and Hazel Lee Vaughn are too similar for me to use one for RL and one for a pen name. It would be totally confusing for anyone who’s trying to find me online. So again, change had to happen. Difficult and inconvenient and confusing, but only in the beginning, I hope.

Change can be good, and I definitely hope great things will come from this change.

Thank you for sticking with me through the changes.

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