The Hunger Games – A Review by Tarot

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Well, I finally finished the last book of The Hunger Games trilogy (for the 4th time! Did I mention that?) after crying and moaning about how I didn’t want it to end (again).

I cried so much near the ending. Those who have read it knows why (*sob!*), but I don’t want to spoil it for the others who haven’t read it yet. (Why the hell not?! What’s wrong with you?!) And I have a major book hangover right now. =(

I can’t let go of Katniss just yet, so I decided to do a tarot reading about why The Hunger Games is so important to me.

Hey, I’m both a book reader and a tarot reader, it’s what I do!

I used the Dark Fairytale Tarot deck because I thought it was appropriate for a book that is so bleak at its core… So this is the spread I created, and these are the cards I got:

hunger games tarot

1. How the book affected me – 4 of Swords

Hah! A book hangover! The 4 of Swords is about needing to take a rest; I’m basically just off in my own little world of Katniss and The Hunger Games now, book hungover and probably not going to be reading another book for a month. (Okay, maybe a couple of days.)

2. What I liked (loved) about it – Ace of Wands

The fire-starter. Wands are in the element of Fire, Aces are beginnings – sparks, and Katniss was the spark that started the revolution. Of course I love her. I love all of it. I love how real she was, how terribly flawed and vulnerable and strong she was, even when she was weak. She’s all of us, in some form or another, going through life doing the best she can; making mistakes, loving too much, trying to be brave (*sob*). How can I not love her?

3. What I disliked about it – Knight of Pentacles

I don’t even know why I have this position on this spread. There’s nothing I dislike about the book. Nothing! Shut up, Knight of Pentacles! Just because there was way too much death and destruction in the book doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. It was practical and real! This isn’t one of those unrealistic books where the characters we love never dies. (*sob*chokes*sob*) I think I both love and hate this about the book. Stupid Knight of Pentacles, riding off to war all practical and realistic about what it means for you. =(

4 & 5. Why the book is so important to me – 7 of Pentacles and 5 of Swords

I’ll start with the 5 of Swords. For me, it represents all the winning and losing in the book, and how it reflects real life. One thing I feel very important about the book’s message, is how nobody really wins a war without also losing something in the process. You don’t win a war without losing a lot of people. You don’t become a victor in the Hunger Games, without also losing a piece of who you are. I don’t think it’s true with every situation, but I think it holds true when it comes to situations where only one can win; you inevitably lose as well.

As for the 7 of Pentacles, I guess I do love the payoff of reading this book, getting through the emotional parts and all of it. Even though it’s not easy going, it’s so rewarding to me. I mean, why do you think I’ve read this four times! And I guess also, it’s about the hard work and all the difficulties Katniss and all the characters in the books have gone through to finally achieve a new, slightly better, world. I don’t know, it’s just worth it. And I would read it all over again. Again. =)

August 15th, 2015

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  • Michelle

    This is such a cool idea for book reviews! I’m glad you enjoyed the book, it definitely a good one.

    • Hazellie Wong

      Thank you, Michelle! Do you have a blog too? I’d love to know what other books you love. =)