Tarot Blog Hop: Things to Do with Your New Deck

Posted January 8, 2016 by Hazellie in Tarot / 22 Comments

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Welcome to the first Tarosophy Association Members Blog Hop!

I’m delighted to be participating in this event along with a bunch of my fellow association members to bring you some fun and informative posts about tarot. You can find links to the previous and next blogs, as well as the master list of all the blogs participating in the blog hop at the top and bottom of this page.

This month we’re starting out with the topic – New Decks.



7 Things to Do with Your New Deck

1. Charge it

With crystals! When a new deck’s energies feel strange to me, I like to charge it with crystals that I use often because the energies of those crystals are familiar to me.

crystals charge

It amazes me how different a new deck can feel before and after a charge. It’s like putting new batteries in a flashlight that was previously struggling just to shine with its old batteries, and getting clear, bright, and illuminating light from it! You can also charge a new deck with moonlight, sunlight, or sea salt.

2. Sleep with it

Bring your new deck to bed with you. Many tarot readers suggest sleeping with your deck under your pillow, but that would be quite uncomfortable for me, as my pillow isn’t very thick. It’s enough to have the deck beside me on my bedside table. It’s just another way of getting intimate with your deck. *wink*

3. Interview it

Deck interviews are a great way to get to know your new deck! Some of the questions I ask my new decks include:

  • What is your (the deck) personality like?
  • What will our relationship be like?
  • What insights do you bring?
  • How can you help me?
  • What can you teach me?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?


You can ask these questions and pull a card one at a time for each, or you can create a deck interview spread for yourself. There are also many existing deck interview spreads you can search for online if you don’t feel like making up your own questions.

4. Chant with it

There are usually 78 cards in a tarot deck, I like to chant mantras through each card in a new deck, the way you would chant through each bead of a mala, infusing the cards with energy and intention while at the same time enjoying the benefits of chanting and meditation.


If you are chanting with oracle or Lenormand decks, you can chant through the cards once, twice, or even three times, depending on the number of cards in your deck.


5. Imagine with it

Go through the images of the cards in your new deck one by one. Imagine what is going on in those pictures; what is going on? how many characters are in the image? what are they doing? how are they feeling?

Ask the cards to tell you a story. This is one of my favorite ways to get to know a new deck, I can literally spend hours just looking at the images on a new deck and using my imagination to let them tell me stories.

6. Talk to it

The conversation doesn’t have to be one-sided, you can talk to your deck too. Tell your new deck all about you. Who are you as a reader? What kind of readings do you like to do? Why did you choose to buy this new deck? Let your new deck learn more about you so that it can work better with you.

7. Read with it

Last but not least, read with your new deck! The more you read with it, the better you’ll get to know it. I spend quite a bit of time reading for myself with a new deck before I will use it to read for others. It’s a way for me to build the relationship between myself and my new deck. I want us to understand each other and see how well we work together before I will introduce a third person into our relationship. The more you read with your new deck, the better you’ll get to know each other.

4 card reading christian


What other things do you do with your new deck? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know!


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  • http://tarotheathen.com Lonnie Scott

    Excellent post! I couldn’t imagine sleeping with my cards under my pillow. I’m what might be called a violent roller, Ha! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    • http://hazelliewong.com/ Hazellie Wong

      Thanks, Lonnie! I know what you mean, I’d probably damage the cards with my hard head!

  • Rootweaver

    A nice ‘clean’ post with clear instructions. 🙂

    • http://hazelliewong.com/ Hazellie Wong

      Thank you, Rootweaver!

  • http://joyvernon.com/Blog/ Joy Vernon

    I love mantra meditation and malas, but I hadn’t thought of chanting through a deck (I occasionally chant when I’m knitting though!). I will try that!

    • http://hazelliewong.com/ Hazellie Wong

      I haven’t tried chanting when I’m knitting! I actually like to watch movies or TV shows when I knit, so that probably gets in the way. LOL

      • http://joyvernon.com/Blog/ Joy Vernon

        LOL! Yes, I like to watch TV or listen to podcasts or replays of teleclasses when I’m knitting too! But once in a while I chant. It can be nice to do outside when the weather’s good. 🙂

  • http://www.fionabenjamin.com Fiona Benjamin

    Oooh, what do you chant? 🙂 i haven’t tried that one!

    • http://hazelliewong.com/ Hazellie Wong

      Usually just Buddhist mantras, I mostly go with “Om Mani Padme Hum” or sometimes just “Om”, but occasionally I’ll chant affirmations too, depending on the deck and what I want to do with it, and if I have many readings to do that day. =)

  • Loreen Muzik

    Talk to your deck! LOVE IT! I’m definitely going to have a 2-way conversation with my next deck.

    Before I read with a deck I do go through, touch each card and express my gratitude to it for its potential message. Feels similar to your mantra process, it feels like a beautiful energy exchange to me. I love this suggestion.

    • http://hazelliewong.com/ Hazellie Wong

      Thank you, Loreen! I love what you do, expressing gratitude to each of the cards for their message. That’s wonderful!

  • Tasha Erker

    Chanting with each card is something I’ve never considered doing before! I’m curious what mantra(s) you use… A single one or a different one for each card? Thanks for a nice succinct post!

    • http://hazelliewong.com/ Hazellie Wong

      Thank you, Tasha! I use a single mantra for each card. Usually Buddhist mantras, but I’ll chant affirmations if I feel I need it for that day or if I have a big day of readings to do.

  • Shanna Atoms

    I talk to my decks all the time! Lol It helps me when I’m feeling anxious, but I usually do it with my old decks. I’ll have to dive in with the new ones too.

    • http://hazelliewong.com/ Hazellie Wong

      It’s much easier to talk to the old decks than the new, but remember, they’re just as shy of you as you are of them. LOL! 😉

  • Mellissae Lucia

    Chanting and interviewing. Love those!

    • http://hazelliewong.com/ Hazellie Wong

      Thank you, Mellissae! =)

  • http://alicejanell.com Alice Janell

    I do a lot of these things, too. I charge with crystals, but I also charge during the first full moon after I receive a deck, too. 🙂

    • http://hazelliewong.com/ Hazellie Wong

      I love moon magic, and I love the idea of charging under the full moon, but my current logistics doesn’t allow the moonlight into my room, and I won’t leave my cards outside! =)

  • Tabitha Dial

    Ah! Chanting is a great way to go. What a soulful idea.

    I also like talking with it — letting it know who you are.

    One thing I like to do with new decks is take extra time looking at cards that either interest me when I look at the entire deck, or cards that have been surfacing for me in previous weeks, months, etc.

    The Hierophant, for example, has loomed large in the last year. I tend to spend a little time with that card in new decks.

    Oh man! Now I am wondering what the counterpart to The Hierophant might be in the bird deck I blogged about. How fun. You may have started me on a new path … Thanks so much, dearheart!

    Great writing style. Straightforward, brief, and playful!

    • http://hazelliewong.com/ Hazellie Wong

      Thank you, Tabitha! =) You are one of my inspirations and I learn so much from you too. <3

      • http://www.northstarmuse.com Tabitha Dial

        That is very kind, Hazellie. Thank you.